Sophos antivirus for macintosh

Certains paramètres antivirus ne peuvent s’appliquer aux ordinateurs Mac. Dans ce cas, un avertissement apparaît sur cette page de paramètres.

One difference I did note is that Sophos Antivirus for Mac doesn’t seem to slow the computer down appreciably, unlike many of the Windows anti-virus programs. I haven’t noticed any degradation in speed.

Téléchargez le logiciel antivirus GRATUIT d'AVG pour Mac. Protection contre les virus, les malwares et les spywares Outil d'analyse antivirus et de nettoyage simple ...

CUantivirus, ClamXav, Sophos Endpoint Protection, System Center Edpoint for Mac OIT's previous antivirus programs, CUantivirus (CA eTrust), ClamXav, Sophos Endpoint Protection adn System Center Edpoint for Mac are no longer recommended and will not receive updates. Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows, version 7 user manual If you want Sophos Anti-Virus to scan executable Macintosh files, you must set up a custom on-demand scan and enable scanning of Macintosh files for that scan. For more information on

Sophos are really limiting their prospective clients with this and also alienating their existing one. The fact that a 'home user' can download a Sophos Mac anti-virus product for free but businesses with UTM's can't buy it..... Seriously something wrong with your business model!!!